In this episode, our hosts continue the series on the Beatitudes - Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth - The episode outlines what ...View Details

Continuing the series on the Beatitudes this episode looks at what it means to mourn with others. Our hosts point out that there is no virtue in cryin...View Details

It has been almost a year of podcasting, and over 50 episodes released and 5years since the Launch of Virtue Ministry, all on the 8th September. In ce...View Details

In this episode Padre and Stina sit down with a local Deacon for the Diocese of Wagga Wagga, Rev. Connell Perry to talk about what it means to be a De...View Details

Patreon Shout out -  Matthew Tan, Grace Taylor, Melissa Murray, and Morgan Tame. Thank you for joining our community and financially backing our missi...View Details

Stina and Padre have a chat about Stina's deportation update as well as some exciting news for Padre.  Stina shares about her experience and relations...View Details

In this week's episode Padre and Stina have a chat about Mercy, it's roots, and what kind of Mercy God calls us to. Padre also explains the meaning be...View Details

In this episode, the hosts talk about the Non-negotiables in a relationship -power and abuse, that we ought to walk away from when they come to light ...View Details

NEW: Patreon Page - Join our mission, and help us reach more people, and gain benefits including bloopers, behind the scenes, merch and mentoring. Cli...View Details

This week our hosts interviewed a local young ma, David Kennedy, who has been involved in local Youth Ministry from some time. He's currently working ...View Details

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