Our hosts explore the 4 temperaments in this week's episode of Living Fullness;

Sanguine - Life of the Party

Choleric - Natural born leaders

Melancholic - Detail focused

Phlegmatic - Peacekeepers 

The conversation unpacks their natural strengths, tendencies of weakness, spiritual suggestions and a couple of well known examples of people with these temperaments. 

Learning to identify our friend's temperaments can be both a fun and useful piece of information in order to love them better. Stina offers a fun exercise to try. 

Our hosts also discuss Jesus' temperament and what the idea of being a Christian means, in light of the 4 temperaments



Padre - IVA - Young Artist (Also Padre's niece). You can follow her on Instagram: ivamahoni

Stina - Discovering similarities with a friend 


Congratulations to the New Rector and Vice Rector of Vianney College, Fr. Rick Micallef and Fr. Brad Rafter, respectively.  



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