In this episode Padre and Stina talk about Spiritual Direction, Mentorship and Counsel and help the listener determine if they should seek someone, and what to look for, as well as what to do if someone asks you to be their Spiritual Mentor. 

A Spiritual Director and Mentor should not be someone who interprets the Voice of God in your life, but instead be someone who helps you hear the voice of God in your own life.  

Seeking spiritual counsel is different to seeking therapeutic counselling, and the two should be not be misused. It may be necessary to share information about your therapy with your spiritual mentor or director, but we should never seek advice from our spiritual mentors about what to do therapeutically. They are not one and the same, and should not be treated as such. 

One piece of advice to consider in choosing your mentor is words from St. John of the Cross '... one ought to take care who we entrust ourselves to. As the master is, so will the disciples be'. 

Some things to consider if you're asked to be one; 

1. Why me?

2. Pray about it, don't rush

3. Are you the right fit for what they need?

4. Does your current state in life allow for this relationship?

5. Is it the right time?

6. Is it an appropriate relationship?



Padre - Diving into study and growing in appreciation of God in asking Mary to be so intimately involved in salvation. He wanted to free us by using human freedom. 

Stina - a gift from a friend - oil diffuser necklace for stressful times

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