In this week's episode, Padre and Stina tackle forgiveness - free act of releasing someone from the debt they have incurred by sinning against us, and by no longer defining them by the act of the sin against us. 

If someone has hurt us, it's because we trusted they would not harm us or would not break our boundaries. We need to accept then that trust has been broken. We also need to pay attention to our emotions because they are helpful and tell us something. 

Padre explains the difference between vincible and invincible ignorance and why this is important in considering whether a conversation around forgiveness needs to take place. If we do decide that a conversation has to take place, Charity must be our motivator. Including giving people space when we bring up the conversation. 

Some common sayings:

1. Forgive and Forget - We don't define people by the wrong they have done against us, but we do need to learn from the interaction. Repairing the relationship doesn't mean the relationship turns back into what it was, it will need to grow into what's most appropriate at the time.

2. Forgive and Never Forget - Means I still define you by the behaviour

3. Forgiveness is just a matter of the will - it's a choice but the will does not operate on it's own. It's needs emotion and intellect.  

4. Only able to forgive when you're no longer hurting - we are always able to enter into the process of forgiveness even when we're not emotionally ready to forgive. 

Forgiveness is a journey and it's supernatural - because we are called to forgive as Christ forgives. 'Father forgive them for they know not what they do' Luke 23:34

We also need to be careful that we are open to receiving the forgiveness of others. 



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