On this week's episode, we welcome a young country doctor in the making, who is also one of the writers at Virtue Ministry, Elise Drum. 

Padre and Stina talk to Elise about what it was like to move from a country town into the big city, adjusting to a new life style and to making new friends. AND THEN to readjusting back to a country town life when the people around her have essentially moved on in life. 

Elise may be young in age, but her wisdom is beyond her years. Her consistent deep thoughts are an asset on the Virtue Ministry Team. Check out her blog posts here

Virtue Ministry Blogs - https://www.virtueministry.org.au/blog/

Elise also shares about a moment in friendship that has always struck her and ways to remain other focused when making new friends, as well as how this drastic move has helped shape her faith and her personal relationship with Jesus. 

Elise encourages young people to look to John Paul II's words for encouragement to remember that 'you're not waiting for your time, your time is now'.

The episode concludes with some fun questions for Elise. 


Shout outs in this episode to 

Rebecca Gosper - Life Choice

Saint John Paul the Great: His 5 Loves - Jason Evert 

Unbroken - Laura Hillenbrand

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