Stina and Padre have a chat about Stina's deportation update as well as some exciting news for Padre. 

Stina shares about her experience and relationship with God during this trial. Padre and Stina talk about different aspects that may come out of trial, including; loneliness Vs solitude: Self-reliance, Pelagianism Vs dependency upon God and leaning on neighbour; and the new form that friendships can take during this time. 

Father shares a joke that most priests are all too familiar with. 

Padre and Stina talk about the need to continue to nurture friendships, despite being in a global pandemic.

Padre asked Stina the question, what future endeavours come next? and Padre shares his EXCITING NEW ENDEAVOURS.



Stina - Human frailty and space to breathe

Padre - Seminarians reactions to the news 


Shout out to Narranderra St Mel's Parish with Fr Bradley Rafter. 


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