Continuing the series on the Beatitudes this episode looks at what it means to mourn with others. Our hosts point out that there is no virtue in crying, in and of itself, but that some people have been gifted  the ability to feel compassion very deeply. We need to open our hearts to another, and to accompany others on their journey, and it's through this opening and meeting another with compassion that we are able to mourn with another. At the same time, we must not remain in misery, we must also remain open for God's healing grace and mercy, that will comfort us. 


Our hosts link this beatitude to the 7th Commandment, thou shalt not steal.  At first, this seems a bit odd. But theft is linked to greed, and greed prevents us from being able to see past ourselves, it prevents us from seeing the sadness in another. Instead we must be generous. 


It's also useful to consider, when in a given moment we struggle to meet the other with a deep sense of compassion, what is going on? what blockage stands in the way? 


Our hosts also discuss 'what does it mean to be a sensitive person?' and is this a bad thing?



Stina - Rebecca Abbott from Eternity News

Padre - Kindness of people during a pandemic. 


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