Following on from love language, Padre and Stina have a closer look at apologies and Apology Language by Gary Chapman. Apologies opens up and makes the path to forgiveness easier. Apologies can be healing an have health benefits. They also recognise there is a rule or and expectation in place that has been broken and should have been upheld. There is also an ongoing conversation in our culture about the tendency for women to apologise for things that are unnecessary. 


The 5 Apology Languages

Expressing regret - being sorrowful for our behaviour and saying I am Sorry

Accepting Responsibility - Taking ownership over what happened

Making Restitution - Rebuilding broken trust

Genuinely Repenting - making a resolve to change

Forgiveness - Asking for forgiveness


5 Apology languages in light of our relationship with Jesus

Expressing regret - having a contrite heart

Accepting Responsibility - Owning, Jesus died for MY sins

Making Restitution - A broken relationship requires two people to repair, however when it comes to our relationship with God, we need Jesus to help us heal the brokenness which we cannot heal on our own.  

Genuinely Repenting - making a commitment of the standard of love we ought to uphold and strive for. 'Be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect'- Matthew 5:48

Forgiveness - Ask for his mercy and forgiveness, he will not hesitate to forgive you. All he wants to do is shower us with his love and mercy. Anything that makes us hesitate, is not of God. 


Truth. Beauty. Goodness

Stina - a father and son playing chess in a cafe

Padre - the host of a birthday dinner party 'you can taste the ingredient of love' in her cooking.  

Forgiveness - Asking for forgiveness


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